Now, for a long time, I can not notice English comments that are not spam comments, and I have a cold sweat.

However, unfortunately, at the moment, there is no English brain power that can be replied to one by one.

Not a spam comment, thank you for your comment. read.

While being very rude, I will reply about the contents which it is safe to comment in a mass.

Thank you for being tired of work from Los Angeles and checking my blog.

Thank you for your compliments on the structure of the web site, including its format, design, and speed of loading.

I’m not making it, so I’m telling engineers and designers.

There are things I would like to make a new design, but now I can not get there.

Thank you for your comment not to rely on videos and photos, but to write more, and conversely, to upload more videos and photos.

I started using WordPress six years ago. Blog has been writing for over 10 years.

I will keep my niche firm and strong debate and great spirit in the future.

I do not need permission to comment. It is link free.

I would like to go to New York only one day to meet a waitress who earns a large amount of 100 $ bills from getting married and producing babies.

But I am not a blogger.

I’m a freelance SM player, a sadistic high-class prostitute who runs a bicycle.(Precarious day-to-day management)

It is only used for advertising.

Thank you for reading to the end.











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